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Preparation Guide for Thermal Remediation or Heat Treatment

eco-tech Thermal Bed Bug and Pest Control Phoenix - Scottsdale, Arizona


A successful treatment will take effort on both the home owner and the service provider. We recommend the following items be removed from your residence prior to thermal remediation. 


In order to eliminate the transfer of bed bugs, it is very important that you visually inspect each of the items before removing them.


Fans will be used to circulate and direct air during the thermal remediation process. Items that can be blown around or possibly damaged need to be secured prior to treatment. Any loose papers need to be gathered and stored. Breakable/glass objects need to be taken down from shelves and protected. Pictures, paintings and all wall-mounted items need to be taken off the walls. 


Loose clothing and other fabrics present a place for bed bugs to hide. If you will be taking clothing items with you while your residence is being treated it is imperative that we limit the risk of re-introducing bed bugs when you return to your home. Since bed bugs have a low tolerance for heat, laundry your clothing in the hottest water cycle and dry them on a cycle that reaches a 140 degrees. Take the clothes directly from the dryer and place them in a tightly sealed plastic bag. No other clothes, suitcases or bags should be taken from the dwelling. Clothing that is left behind to be treated needs to be properly organized. Drawers can be kept in tack if clothing is loosely packed. Garments left in the closet need to have open air space between them. If necessary, you can use plastic laundry baskets to reduce clutter in these areas by placing clothing in them and leaving the laundry baskets on the floor. In order to ensure maximum airflow throughout the space, we may be required to remove drawers and shift items from their original placement. 


Please leave all bedding and linens in your residence. These items are highly likely to be harboring bed bugs and they need to be treated. Electronics are not to be removed. Due to the heat that electronics give off, bed bugs often harbor inside of them. Exposing your electronics to temperatures of 140 degrees is not harmful; however, we do ask that you make sure all electronic appliances are set to the off position and disconnected from the wall outlet. 



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